10/21/2010 03:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can Government Lead by Example on Climate Change?'s Bill McKibben thinks government can be the answer after all. Riding off his recent 10/10/10 event, McKibben argues that governments can affect incremental change on the climate debate by publicly adopting small-scale climate solutions. Watch McKibben's interview below:

McKibben points to the recent addition of solar panels to the White House as one of the small steps needed to prep the country for a change in thinking and behavior. This kind of thinking has a long history, but it isn't all success. President Jimmy Carter's White House solar panels came down after only a year, having fostered little measurable change.

But sometimes leading by example is the best way to spur change. California's adoption of the nation's strictest CAFE automotive emission standards pushed the entire industry to raise efficiency, resulting in better mileage and fewer pollutants in our cars. Even President Bush's legendary fitness regimen led policymakers to emulate his routine through a national initiative.

Can lifestyle changes at the top trickle down to the rest of America? Discuss who the best government and business example-setters are, and watch other climate change webisodes at PlanetForward.