03/22/2012 08:22 am ET Updated May 22, 2012

A Republican Presidential Candidate Reaches Out to Hispanic Voters

I was in Puerto Rico for six days leading up to the Republican Primary there. I was one of 6 Republicans on the primary ballot. I differ greatly from the other five on many issues.

Support Statehood and Spanish as First Language

I have supported Statehood for Puerto Rico since I worked for President Ford in 1976, as long as the citizens of Puerto Rico do. I also believe that Spanish should remain the first language of Puerto Rico as it has been for over 400 years. Washington DC should never try and change that if Statehood happens.

Running Spanish-Language Commercial

I had the only Spanish-language television commercial on the air in Puerto Rico "Hola Puerto Rico." I have long reached out to the Hispanic Community to support Republican candidates going back to our "Viva Duke" campaign 30 years ago when we managed George "Duke" Deukmejian's successful campaign for governor for California.

Romney and Santorum Hurting GOP

Romney and Santorum are driving away America's fastest growing voter group in the hopes of placating the right wing of the Republican Party. This will only inflict long-term damage to the GOP and is a major mistake.

The Hispanic Community and the Republican Party have much in common. We should work very hard to emphasize all our shared beliefs and work together to defeat President Obama.

I was well received on the island, and even beat Ron Paul Sunday's election.