09/10/2011 08:43 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Dr. Brandt On The Air

As my patients know, I practice dermatology in two locations: Miami and New York City. Now
I'm about to open a third location: SiriusXM. On September 10th at 1pm EST, my new radio
series will be premiering on Stars Channel 107, giving people across the country the opportunity to visit my virtual office. Now you don't have to hop on a plane to get my advice--no matter where you are, you can call in for a skincare consultation. Whether you have a cosmetic issue, health issue or question concerning nutrition and skincare, you can just pick up the phone for answers. I want every caller to feel that I'm his or her personal guru; of course, everyone else will be able to benefit from the advice and recommendations I give the callers. Every show will have a topic, but anyone familiar with my style knows that conversation could lead anywhere from the subject at hand. We also will have special guests on the show, from well-known celebrities and designers to other experts in the field of health and well-being.

This is such an exciting opportunity for both myself and my listeners to talk about issues in health and cosmetics and unravel all the confusing information that we're bombarded with every day. And take it from me definitive opinions will be expressed, so get ready for real, no-holds-barred information and education.

Our first show will have the same subject as my last blog entry--undoing summer skin damage so now is your chance to ask me directly about the information that you've read on that blog or
elsewhere on lasers, peels and at-home treatments designed to address the sins of summer. Start writing down your questions and get ready to address your serious skin concerns on SiriusXM. You don't have to wait for an office appointment--you have a standing appointment every Saturday at 1pm on Stars SiriusXM Channel 107.