12/30/2014 03:51 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2015

An Undying Passion for Poverty Alleviation

Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, in fact in history that's what they did. History is filled with stories of countless agents of change, men who in their bid to make changes to status quo made history.

It was November 2010 when I led a group of friends to an orphanage, to spend time, show love and support those people who are truly all by themselves, helpless with no one to help except by sympathetic caregivers.

We made our way to the Eruobodo House, Ijebu ode, Ogun state with the aim of spending time and thereby showing love to those who have been neglected and abandoned by friends and families due to their disabilities. Little did we know that our quest to support the needy in our society would eventually lead to the formation of a charity nonprofit, non-governmental organization named Heal The World Foundation Nigeria.

Despite being a medical student at the time, with very limited time and financial resources, and with no financial support from any corporate organization, I started the social enterprise. Since inception we have had seven charity outreaches, one free medical outreach, visited four orphanages and visited four schools for children with disabilities.

The vision is to help the helpless by offering support for the welfare, health, education and economic empowerment of the less privileged, orphans and children living with disabilities.
To date, we have provided feeding, clothing and welfare support to more than 550 children with disabilities and orphans.

In advocacy for the rights of people living with disabilities, we regularly publish blogs locally and internationally. These articles are aimed at educating the Nigerian public in particular and the global community in general in order to eradicate the widely held myths which fuels the discrimination and stigmatization against the people living with disabilities.

Globally, about 1 billion people live with one disability or the other making them the single largest minority group in the world. More than 70 percent of these people live in the developing world and in extreme poverty.

In Nigeria, government support towards people with disabilities is very low. People with disabilities are human beings just like every one of us without disabilities, and they have fundamental human rights which must be protected and respected by all and sundry.

Presently, many of the people with disabilities in Nigeria live in extreme poverty and they are regularly abused, discriminated against and stigmatized. Our advocacy program has also taken us to television and radio stations, all aimed at increasing the awareness about disabilities rights.

Presently, while we are saddled with the challenge of starting and initiating programs which are sustainable. In order to overcome the problem of donor fatigue which is common to social enterprises who are majorly donor funded. And it's for such a purpose that the idea of social business becomes extremely important for consideration and possible implementation of suitable and sustainable poverty eradicating and socially innovative ideas.

In the long run, Heal The World Foundation Nigeria aims to be the foremost organization working in conjunction with other global multinational organizations to ensure that poverty in Africa finds its way to the museum where it truly belongs.

Our humanitarian efforts have not gone unnoticed locally and internationally. In August 2013, I was honored by Junior Chambers International (JCI) Nigeria as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons In Nigeria and later that year, I was the only delegate selected and sponsored from Nigeria by MTN Group Ltd (South Africa) to be among the 23 delegates to the 2013 One Young World Summit in Johannesburg from 20 of their operating countries.

Besides, I was honored as the Young Nigerian of the month of June, 2014 by Naija competitions.