Inside Haiti's Tent Cities: Flooded, Hungry and Waiting for What's Next

A day after Sean Penn testified in the Senate that Haiti is on 'the razor's edge', the Haitian people continued to struggle to fill basic housing and food needs. Penn's J/P Haitian Relief Organization runs a camp of 55,000 displaced persons crammed onto the former golf greens of the Petionville Club, an area particularly vulnerable to rain and mudslides. As dire as the situation is in Petionville, many thousands of Haitians live in even worse conditions in improvised camps with no NGO presence, regular food or medical resources, and without tents.

I traveled with a US delegation convened by Timberland Earthkeepers to bear witness to the devastation and deliver aid. Watch as we discover the range of conditions inside a devastated country: both smiling schoolchildren fed by the World Food Program, and desperate families starting over - without building materials, tents or anything but twigs and torn sheets - in a trash strewn empty lot.

There are an estimated 1.3 million displaced persons in Haiti, and rebuilding has only just begun. As the hurricane season begins, the question remains how these vulnerable will manage. Stay tuned to the Earthkeeper Network for ongoing updates from Haiti.