02/27/2015 06:32 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2015

12 Things That Successful People Actually Do

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Think about the most successful persons in your own professional field. What are the things they normally do on daily bases that propel their success? I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of professionals and dozens of organizations for over 13 years on five continents, and made careful observations and collected research in leadership and success. These are the 12 common factors among people who have made a real difference in their area and are considered to be successful.

Beyond money and social status I invite you to expand the concept of "successful people" to those have a drive, the will/ capacity to do something outstanding in their field; who work towards making their boldest and biggest dreams come true and they lead fulfilling lives. Successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. In a nutshell, these are those 12 things Successful People do:

1. Successful people set goals and develop plans (accuracy in planning skills may vary, though they have either a daily /weekly plan).

2. Successful people share information and are "connectors" in their network.

3. They give genuine compliments to others (rather than criticize).

4. Successful people don't talk about people, they rather talk about ideas.

5. Successful people accept responsibility for their failures, plus they forgive others instead of blaming others.

6. They embrace change and adapt. They don't let fear of change run the show.

7. Successful people give credit to other people (share it) for their victories (instead of taking all credit for achievements).

8. They tend to read every day and keep journals (instead of watching long hours of TV). Similarly most of them keep fit and exercise regularly.

9. They express /exude joy and fulfillment in their own authentic personal way (not necessarily in an extroverted manner) though in general they contribute to conversations with a positive attitude. They do not drain the energy of others.

10. They want others to succeed, instead of (secretly) hoping others will fail.

11. They assert themselves in order to achieve what's really important to them, while fostering healthy relationships.

12. They continuously learn and explore new perspectives and paths in their field.

As you see some of these top 12 characteristics are very specific and practical, some take more time to observe and identify. Here is a question for you: Which out of those 12 actions and points are part of your day?

Gabriela Müller Mendoza
Coach -Trainer- Speaker - committment to authentic leadersip and empowerment