07/03/2011 09:59 am ET Updated 6 days ago

What To Do When Fear Takes Over (VIDEO)

Don't let a little fear get in the way of a rockin' 4th of July vacation! Fear can consume our mind and act out in many ways. We can compare our fear to a sick dog off a leash. If you fight with a sick dog they become crazier, whereas if you simply strap on his leash and take him for a walk he can shake it off. So let's treat your fear like that sick dog and get moving with it. In this vlog I teach how to use your body as a tool for transforming your fear through movement.

Step One: Recognize when your fear has gotten the best of you. As you deepen this practice it will become easier to catch your fear in the act. So become hyper-conscious this weekend of when fear has you in a headlock.

Step Two: Record in your journal. Write what your fear is telling you. Be honest about the crazy chatter in your mind and get it down on paper. By writing your fear down you separate yourself from the belief that you are your fear.

Step Three: Take your fear for a walk. Now that you're conscious of the fact that your fear was acting out like a sick dog you can harness that fear with a walk. Put on a positive perception playlist and jam out on a 20 minute -- or more -- walk through your neighborhood, the beach, the park etc. Get off your butt and move that fear through you.