06/07/2013 08:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Meditation for Irrationality

In this video I share a kundalini meditation for irrationality. This practice is part of a series of "backpack meditations" that you can use anywhere at any time. I've been practicing this meditation for the past 40 days, and I can testify to the great benefits. I feel more calm, centered and even-keeled. Bring this meditation into your daily sadhana and you will feel much more chilled out! For further support, the directions are written below.

How to Do Backpack Meditation #3:

Sit: in easy pose (cross-legged on the floor).

Mudra: Left hand near left ear, thumb touching ring finger. Right hand in lap, thumb touching little finger. (Men reverse hands.)

Breath: Long, deep breath for 11 minutes.

Close the meditation: Once you've finished your 11-minute meditation, then raise your hands over your head and shake them for three minutes. I suggest shaking them to the Florence + the Machine song, "Shake it Out."

Here I am shaking it out at my LA workshop!

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