03/13/2011 01:52 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Super Moon: Encounters of the Lunar Kind

On March 19, just two days before the spring equinox, the moon will be positioned very close to the Earth. The last time the Earth and moon were in such proximity was 18 years ago. To make her visitation even more majestic, she will wear her full moon white wedding-gown in honor of this close encounter.

The full moon in Virgo will be in opposition to the sun in Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, the ancient god of oceans. Indeed, some astronomers and geologists speculate that the gravitational forces of the moon will not only influence the ebb and flow of the tides, but could also cause measurable ebb and flow in the continents, often called "land-tides." These land-tides might be intensified, not only because of the moon's proximity, but because of its fullness.

Earthquakes? Strange weather patterns? Well, we had plenty of those, even without the moon's intimate relations. Perhaps this signifies a lunar emphasis in our lives during and around March 19.

Traditionally, the moon rules "the people," some ancient astrologers associate it with mobs or crowds. Who knows? Maybe the youth revolutions in Northern Africa and the state-workers' threats of strikes in Northern America are due in part to lunar forces.

The moon also rules home and family, especially the mother. In your chart, for example, the sign your moon occupies is said to reveal how you perceive your mother, regardless of your parent's actual sign. If your moon is in Leo, you might view your mother as a controlling and willful Queen of Hearts. On the other hand, if your moon is in Libra, you might see her as a talkative matchmaker. Because of the moon's closeness, we can expect situations involving our home, family, security and mother figures to become intensified.

An important note to remember is that since the moon is waxing, it has a longer and stronger influence before March 19.

The moon also rules instinct and passion. As we approach March 19, the passionate, unreasonable, uncivilized, and raw side of our personality (i.e. our subconscious) will dominate our interactions both with ourselves and others.

We must remember that when we talk about land-tides, the movement of entire continents, we must also mention the shifts among people, societies, and countries. The tide might also include changes in attitude, rulers, priorities and beliefs around the world.

In Roman mythology, the moon is also associated with Diana, the virgin huntress. The hunt has begun, the dogs are barking, and the chase is on. It is a good time to go out and get what you want (but make sure it is also what you need). An interesting synchronicity is the fact that the moon will be in Virgo on March 19, the sign of the virgin. Virgo is associated with work, your routine, health, diet, service and also pets.

My recommendation is to go outdoors and moon-bathe on the night of March 19 and bask in her. Begin a diet, and as the moon slims, so shall you. Or perhaps, since it is a weekend, work in the garden and plant a tree in Diana's name. Combine the associations of moon and Virgo and paint your future with those colors.

Below is a quick reference to the qualities that will be emphasized during this special astrological period:

  • Moon: subconscious, instinct, passion, the hunt, family and mother
  • Virgo: work, routine, health, diet, service and pets
  • Full Moon's Perigee: added intensity, shifting and tides

Set your intentions and let the moon above be your "life coach." Look up into the sky, and let her inspire and guide you. As she waxes, observe your wish gain momentum and clarity. As she wains, watch the excess and extraneous aspects of your life fall away.