10/23/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2012

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Body -- But Were Afraid to Ask

Listening to Caroline Sutherland is like having your favorite aunt sit you down and proceed to get up close and personal -- in the best possible way. In her Body Wisdom interview with host Lisa Garr on, she lays out a clear, easy-to-follow practice for strengthening your intuition and learning to act on your insights, however peculiar they may sound. With her feisty blend of the practical and the cosmic, she deftly suspends the skeptic's disbelief and gains her audience's trust.

Sutherland makes becoming one's own medical intuitive accessible. Instead of designating clairvoyance as the purview of a privileged few, Sutherland democratizes the intuitive process. Anyone with a genuine interest in listening attentively to their body's inner wisdom will receive abundant, self-generated guidance.

Sutherland starts off with a simple definition of what a medical intuitive discerns: an awareness of physical imbalances. Then she points the way to how all of us can become our own best health steward by tuning into, with our deepest essence, what we need to be our most vital. As she says, "We are all part of the great unfolding." To claim your role in the mysterious denouement of our lives, here are a few key tips from Sutherland to boost your clarity.

Five Ways to Increase Intuition:

Develop a meditation practice.

In order to cut through the mind's busy chatter, Sutherland suggests a simple meditation practice. Create a daily affirmation by starting with "I am" and adding whatever word arises, such as peace, kindness, or radiance.

Tune into nature.

Sutherland recommends seeking out a quiet place in nature and focus on one aspect to "listen" to, such as a tree or a rock. Ask it for a message and pay attention to what emerges.

Trust your body language.

Sutherland asks us to become more aware of whether we lean toward something, or pull away, even with a gesture as subtle as putting our head closer vs. drawing it back. We can use this instinctual aversion or attraction to help us guide our choices, including what foods to eat or supplements to take.

Clean up your diet.

The fewer toxins you have circulating in your body, the emptier a channel you can be for your intuition. Sutherland says detoxification is a necessary prerequisite to becoming more in touch with your inner voice.

Act on what you know.

All too often, Sutherland says, people get these great insights, but because they may seem illogical or strange, don't act on them. Once you receive a message, your responsibility is to act upon what you've been given. Ignoring those twinges of clarity shuts down your ability to align with the deeper forces at work.

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