09/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Embracing Change: An Interview with Ariane de Bonvoisin

Death and taxes may be certain, but change is inevitable. Change in our job, family, finances, relationship, geographical location or health can make a tremendous difference in the quality of our lives, for better or worse. Sometimes with so much change going on around us, it seems the only thing we can control is our attitude towards change itself.

No one makes it through life unscathed by change. From living in nine different states, through divorce, to being a single mom, remarriage, kids at home to college and gone, corporate America to unemployment to an entrepreneur, abundance to lack and back again, change remains ever present in my life.

For me, I've discovered that what determines the difference between survival and success is one thing- attitude.

If we believe that change is bad, our experiences will most likely match our belief. Conversely, if we believe that the Universe is here to support us and that change is for our growth and improvement, then our experience will parallel that instead. When we look for the good in a situation we'll usually find it.

Knowing this helps when life is turned upside down by unplanned change. By looking for the gift in each situation and believing that everything is unfolding as it should, the ups and downs of life become easier to manage.

Additionally, the more you practice this habit, the easier it gets. Like any muscle in our body, the more we build our 'change muscle', the better it will perform when we need it most.

Today's Luminary, Ariane de Bonvoisin is the Founder and Chief Change Optimist of First30Days, a New York City-based media company focused on guiding people through all types of changes, both, personal and professional, social or global. In Ariane's new book entitled, "The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making any Change Easier", she teaches these muscle building principles.

Ariane advises, "Think of the change you'd love to make or the change you are currently facing. I believe anyone can change; you're never too old or too young. When you find that part inside yourself that doesn't change- your core, your spirit- then the outside changes become infinitely easier to navigate."

Everything around us will change. Our jobs, our friends, our cars and houses- they all change. But, they do not define who we are.

The only constant thing in our lives is change. Knowing this helps us to remember that all things will pass. The difficult situations that seem like mountains before us- they will pass, even though there are times when it feels as if they will last forever. It won't always be the way it is today- good or bad.

We live in constant motion energetically and shift happens continually. Change is eternal, with no exceptions to the rule.

However, as a result of our resistant attitude toward change, we suffer needlessly. The key is in being able to go with the flow and celebrate the changes rather than combat them.

When we're able to fully embrace each moment and the changing nature of life, change becomes irrelevant. The fear of change disappears as we're enjoying each moment. Suddenly we're able to look at thoughts, fears, events and emotions and not take life quite so seriously.

The impossible becomes possible as what appears to be an obstacle disappears as we focus on the present moment rather than on our fear of the change.

So dive in and enjoy the beauty of each moment. Embrace the changes in your life that bring you joy or sorrow, happiness or pain, without holding on to the emotions. For this too shall pass.

Ariane's wisdom is especially important in today's hectic and sometimes tumultuous world. "Remember, when you're in the midst of a change, it's easy to want to speed everything up, to make quick decisions and not stay with the uncertainty. Let life rearrange itself on its own time. We all overestimate how quickly change will happen in a few days or weeks and then get discouraged when it doesn't. And we all underestimate how much our lives can change in a few months or a year. Keep your intention clear as to what you want to change and have happen."

As you go within, you'll find that who you really are and what you are at the core of your being remains the same. You are timeless. You are changeless. Regardless of the whirlwind that may be spinning around you, staying strong to who you are will enable you to embrace and befriend change.

Savor the richness of each moment today, knowing that you can count on tomorrow to bring one thing into your life- change.

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