05/22/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Interview With Terry Tillman: Do More By Doing Less

Sometimes it seems I am much more of a human doing than a human being. Most of us live in a world where our "to do" lists grow exponentially each day. It's often difficult to remember that the "to be" list is even more important than the "to do" list.

Being is defined as a state or quality of having existence; or our essential nature. It's our natural state at birth - to be. Yet life seems to get in the way with the multitude of things to accomplish each day and somehow, we forget to just be.

Recently, a wise man said, "Gee, it's amazing how much more I get done when I do less." At first blush that comment doesn't appear to make sense. However, when you take the time to go deeper, it is one of the wisest things I've ever heard.

Although it's counter intuitive to take the time to "do nothing" to get more done, ironically, that's how it works best. By taking the time each day to connect to the inner part of ourselves through meditation, prayer or just being still, we're able to be more effective throughout the rest of the day. We can actually accomplish more with less effort- because of our connection.

Two perfect examples of this philosophy in action were Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. Both of them took up to four hours each and every morning to connect through personal meditation. Don't have four hours to spare each morning? These amazing role models were two of the most productive, busy and successful people on the planet, not in spite of "doing nothing" for four hours each morning, but because of it!

Another perfect example is today's Inspirational Luminary, Terry Tillman - the wise man I referred to above.

Terry has lived his life to the fullest, from training Russians in Siberia to being a rock star (seriously!), and from international speaking and writing to trekking through the wilderness. This Jack-of-all-Trades has lived his life from a place of curiosity and connection.

And through it all, one thing remains constant- he takes the time to connect each morning. For as Terry says, you have to fill your cup first before you can be of service to anyone else.

His interview will help you follow your heart, be true to yourself and know that the answers are all inside of you. Remember to make it simple and allow it to be easy. We're in the best classroom of all. Just ask good questions and you'll be lead in the right direction.

Above all, learn to love, for if you can live your life in loving, it will be a good life and you will thrive in your natural state as a human being, rather than a human doing.

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