08/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Power of Belief

The world is a scary place for a lot of folks right now. Between the stock market, declining real estate values and the unemployment rate, many have been hit harder than ever before. In a time of such turmoil, it's easy to lose faith in our dreams and go into survival mode instead of taking that next step when success seems improbable if not impossible.

We say we want change and we want to play a bigger game, until it gets scary. Then we retreat back to what we know best and fall into the same old survival patterns once again that keep us stuck and fail to propel us to our dreams.

That survival mechanism was put there long ago for a really good reason. However survival in today's world is much different than it was for our ancestors. We're not out hunting buffalo or playing cowboys and Indians for real. Our conquests now are of a different nature, but the survival mechanism remains the same. Our body is still protecting us from the unknown. It becomes our job to reassure that voice inside and step forward, knowing that with belief, the impossible is possible. "Impossible" can mean "I'm possible". My dreams are possible.

Too many times along our journey when moving forward becomes too painful or we are afraid, we choose to stay where it's "safe". The ironic thing about this is, that's the point where moving forward would allow us to experience phenomenal success.

Fear alone can be paralyzing. Fear plus belief usually results in success. Belief in ourselves. Belief that we're connected to something so much more powerful then what we can see. Belief that anything is possible. Belief that we deserve the best that life has to offer. Belief that there is enough for everyone. Belief that it's all part of a plan and everything is perfect in this very moment, even if we're scared or uncertain how to move forward.

Belief is the most important part of anything. Our beliefs control our perceptions of everything in our world, which in turn, creates our reality.

Today's Luminary, David Neagle, teaches, "If you want to change your reality, you must use new information to change your beliefs and your perception. Until you see things differently, you will continue to makes choices that keep you where you are. And eventually, you will give up on your dreams."

Our past experiences reflect our belief system, and likewise, our belief system will create our current and future experiences. If we think we have to work long and hard for money, we will have to do so. If we believe abundance is there for us, it will be. It is that easy. Whatever we believe, we'll be right.

It's a matter of changing our beliefs on the inside that will transform our results on the outside. As David says, "This means that if there is anything in your life you don't want to experience, all you need to do to change "it" is to change the belief that caused "it" in the first place!"

Afraid? Good! If you're not scared you're not playing big enough. Think about the greatest things you've ever accomplished in your life. Think about the things that have brought you the greatest satisfaction and joy in your life. Chances are these very things once caused fear in your life too. The only difference between then and now is that you figured out how to manifest them into your life and in doing so, the fear was replaced with excitement and satisfaction.

The answer therefore, is to think big, play a big game and have the strong belief that you'll succeed. For success is nothing more than not giving up until you reach your goal. The only way you'll fail is if you give up before you attain your dream.

Instead of focusing on the problem, take one step forward today with belief. Look at your goal, reaffirm the belief, feel the fear and do it anyway. Just remember that fear isn't something to be afraid of or something that makes us turn around. Let's embrace the fear and know that if we're feeling it, we're playing a game that's worth it. We will succeed if we keep going, so just take another step.

And when we reach our goal, let's remember that the fear we felt along the way, combined with belief was what got us there, and is the very thing that will get us to where we're going next.

Still scared? Good! We're playing a big game and it's worth it. Just remember, the power of belief is astounding. Add belief to your life and together, we'll soon be on the top of the mountain celebrating the success of life.

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