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7 New Mom Tips for Kim Kardashian


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Kim Kardashian is a new mom to baby North West -- and that means congratulations are in order. But while those first few days of motherhood are filled with joy and love, they're also filled with questions galore -- even if you are a celebrity and have oodles of money! From sleep schedules to feeding times, new moms have a lot to learn about caring for their baby (as well as themselves)! To help Kim K as she embarks on her journey into motherhood, we asked parenting experts, medical authorities and real moms from around the community to share their best tips for bringing up baby!

1. Protect Your Little One at All Costs

Leading a public life is a true challenge and being a parent in the public eye is near impossible, but that doesn't mean it can't be done!

"Everyone from everywhere will certainly be ready to comment and pass judgment," warns Jennifer Powell-Lunder, a clinical psychologist specializing in work with tweens, teens and young adults. "Make sure you communicate consistently, kindly and clearly with your child. Your little girl is the most important person in the world to you. She did not choose to have a parent in the public eye, so it is your job to keep her life private."

2. Get Your Zzz's

"Sleep when your newborn sleeps!" suggests Samantha G., a mother of four. Even though you may want to get some cleaning or laundry done while you're little one is sleeping, use your baby's naptime wisely and catch up on your sleep as well -- you're going to need it!

Also, don't turn down any offers for help. If a friend or family member wants to watch baby while you take a nap, take them up on their offer!

3. Make Mistakes

"Don't expect to be perfect," says Amy F., a mother of one. "You WILL make mistakes as a new parent. Everyone does. This does not make you a bad parent, just human."

Remember, mistakes are the tool of all invention and can sometimes clear the way for great possibilities -- or just good opportunities to learn something new.

4. Surround Yourself with Other Moms

"Develop a support network of good friends and friends with kids," advises parenting expert Barbara Greenberg, PhD. "In life, especially when you have kids, there is nothing like speaking to and relying on other moms."

Molly J., who is the mother of a 1-year-old daughter, echoes a similar sentiment. "As great as your current friends and family may be, find a group of new moms with kids around the same age. Go to a breastfeeding support group, Mommy and Me, music class, whatever. Just get yourself out of the house and around other moms who are 'in it' too."

5. Embrace the 5-Second Rule

While it may be hard to do, part of being a good mom includes taking time for yourself. When baby won't stop crying, walk away for a moment, breathe deep and regroup -- even if it's just for five seconds.

"One thing I have always done is to have a time-out for mommy, not the child," shares Tonja S., a mother of one. "I take 5-15 minutes to regroup and then start fresh."

6. Teach Your Kids True Self-Worth

Self-esteem is the foundation of a child's well-being, and the key to success as an adult. While teaching your child true self-worth is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever do, it's also one of the most important -- and should be based on more than just how cute your kid is.

"Teach your daughter that her self-worth is more than her appearance," advises author Chaunie Brusie, RN, BSN. "Also, tell her to avoid ever making a sex tape! Although I guess that ended up working pretty well for Kim K., didn't it?!" she jokes.

7. Do What Works for You

New moms will undeniably receive tons of advice; some good, and some not-so-good. "Everyone, and I mean everyone, will give you advice," shares Shantal S., a mother of two. "Just let it roll off your shoulders."

Most new moms will experience a ton of ups and downs. You'll feel happy and excited one minute, and overwhelmed and exhausted the next. Accept your feelings and know that you are not alone. When you're feeling "maxed out by motherhood," just remember these seven tips -- and always follow this important bit of advice from Katie P., a mother of two: "Don't get so caught up in doing everything 'by the book' that you forget to enjoy your new little love!"

Motherhood is the great way to level the playing field. Status doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter. Kids need attention, time and love. We wish Kim the best.

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