12/13/2007 12:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

What to Focus on as the Mitchell Report is Released

Breaking news indicates that MLB players of the highest magnitude will
be named as PED users later today in the Mitchell Report. The latest
development says that Roger Clemens's and Andy Pettite's trainer will
name those two stellar pitchers as juicers

Over the next few hours and days as readers ponder the implications of
the Mitchell Report, keep these points in mind:

  • PEDs, steroids included, are highly regulated in the practice of medicine. Any use of HGH or an anabolic steroid as a PED is illegal whether or not expressly banned in a late-to-the-scene MLB policy. However, as far back as 1991 Commissioner Fay Vincent defined a policy against the use of PEDs in baseball.
  • PED and steroid testing can be viewed as a mild success, or a
    moderate to huge failure. Most of the names today in the Mitchell
    Report will be 'non-positive' offenders.
  • Any talk of Babe Ruth using booze, or players using greenies
    (amphetamines) is a distraction. Focus on the illegal use of steroids
    and anabolic drugs to enhance athletic strength, and muscular power.
    Use a narrowly focused attention to digest the pervasive penetration
    of PEDs into the MLB culture. There will be time later to analyze the
    broader implications of drug-cheating for records and Hall of Fame
  • Think of Mitchell's remedy for the widespread doping culture. Should there be a role for 'sports fraud' laws?

We also wonder if a commissioner who presided over this corruption can survive?

Put your batting helmet and chest protector; this will be a wild ride.

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