The Deficit: Why We Should Stick Our Kids With the Bill

Trader Michael Liloia, left, smiles as he works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Stocks s
Trader Michael Liloia, left, smiles as he works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Stocks stormed higher Tuesday after promising signals about the profitability of U.S. companies and a strong debt auction by Spain. The Dow Jones industrial average rose for the fourth day in five, posting its biggest gain in a month. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Here's something I've never understood about our federal deficit and the oft-flamed fear that we're going to force our children, or our grandchildren, to have to pay for it -- can't they just force their children or grandchildren to have to pay for it? And if they don't want to either, how about making our great-great-grandchildren pay for it? How great-great are they really if they're not willing to take care of their elders? And, if for some reason they're also reluctant to take responsibility for their ancestors, the people who brought them here, and gave them life, that paved the way and provided them with a generation in which to exist, then screw them, they can just pass it on to their children and grandchildren. I really don't see the problem here. At some point someone's going to have pick up the tab or wash the dishes, why's it got to be us?

I'm sick of suffering in our own era because of the ungrateful brats in the next one. We're the ones that gave them the Internet, iPhones, and industrial fracking -- so who cares if we stick them with an IOU? Because, you know what, the truth is they do owe us. We've been working our asses off in this day and age, and what's the thanks we get? A tombstone and some space in the cloud? For our old Facebook page. Meanwhile they'll just get to coast with no debt and an even balance sheet? What do they think this is, some private sector utopia? Welcome to America, work starts now.

No one gets a free ride in the land of freedom. Ask any student of history. Who now has 80,000 dollars in loans and only one offer to teach one class a week in Oneonta. They'll tell you how feudal their situation is. And you want them to worry about the national deficit? You want them to care about the nation's credit card? Yeah right. They'll be happy to tell you where you can spend it.

What is this next generation we're all so worried about going to do for us anyway, except try to stick us in homes and cut our Social Security and Medicare? Want proof, look at ours. Everyone cares about future generations, but no one gives a damn about previous ones. Because they're going to die soon anyway, or already did. We won't have to hear them bitch and moan for that much longer. Honestly, what's the most we can hope for from our descendants, that they bring us to a movie once a week and complement our cooking? That they remember us fondly? No thanks. I'll take my money up-front. I'd rather have it in the here and now before they try to take it away in the there and then.

You may not be able to take your diamonds to the grave with you, but you certainly can't take your debt either. I'd rather leave a little less if it meant I lived a little more. And hope my little ones can respect that. So what if I wasn't the most responsible, I sure had one hell of a time before heading there. Who wants to live within their means, when living nice is so much better?

If this recession should have taught us anything, it's fuck fiscal sanity. That's what having a 401k was supposed to be. How'd that work out? Get yours, during yours. I'm about as worried about future generations financial situations as current financial institutions are concerned about mine. Look at the links. Record corporate profits, record-breaking highs on the Dow, record number of billionaires -- and your asking me over and over again to sacrifice like a broken record? I don't want to sacrifice, I want to live. And let live. Don't make me a wage slave and then expect me to worry about the masters of my universe as well.

I mean, are usurious America? Shaking us down when were just trying to survive? That's no way to treat a citizenry. Of any time period. Especially our own. We're just trying to get by. And then die. And now we've got to pay interest on top of that? No thanks. We'll pass the bucks onto the next generation. Let them deal with these phony deficit concerns. Sorry, but they'll understand. And if they don't, maybe the next one will.