08/05/2016 12:42 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2017

5 Unique Ways to Use Tools Like and Email Spam to Fail-Proof Your Next Launch

Marketing in today's noisy world requires you to be hyper-aware of new techniques and the tools to ensure your success. In fact, you have to use all the tools available to you to stay sharp, develop powerful strategies and fine-tune your plans.

This journey begins by shifting your mindset from the traditional methods you might have memorized, which were supposed to lead to success. The American dream used to be to work hard and prosper. Well, times have changed -- and your goals require the use of modern tools to ensure you are maximizing your exposure and reducing threats.

CEOs need to know it is their responsibility to understand they are in a marketing, advertising and promotional business. And in fact, the product may not be as important as their marketing plan. These mind-melds are critical to rewire your success.

To bring you today's newest approaches, I contacted Ed O'Keefe to see what is working today on launching a new product. O'Keefe invented of the "Time Collapse" theory and is the founder of EOK Marketing. Let's look at the exact tools you use each an every day (and a few new ones too) and see how they can be used to improve your competitive advantage.

O'Keefe says to start with the foundational tools that allow you to research traffic on your websites like or These tools allow you to see all the proven, most successful products in your chosen category. Once you have downloaded your traffic analysis software, move on to these unfamiliar -- yet highly effective -- tips designed to give your business the edge of gathering information before implementation.
  1. Minimum Buyable Testing: This describes the process of discerning if a product will be profitable before investing time and energy into the launch. For example, a camping supply company would, following traditional marketing methodology, likely purchase inventory and then attempt to drum up customers interested in buying their wares. While this is long-practiced behavior, it is also risky. Instead of adapting the outmoded practices to turn a profit, you could create a site, post your product, buy Facebook ads and send customers to your store. When people purchase, and to obtain your inventory, head on over to eBay and purchase the products for less than the market, then ship to your customers. This is an innovative rehearsal before the show before you order before you expend huge amounts of time, energy and money you won't be able to recover from.
  2. The Goof-proof Product Launch: If you are thinking of selling a product or service, find the target market, then buy an email list and set up your PPC advertising. Promote competitor's products as an affiliate to see if anyone buys. You will learn at least seven to 10 days sooner what it is going to cost you per lead and what it will cost you to acquire a sale. This is one of the pivotal components of O'Keefe's Time Collapse theory -- if we make a mistake, it's not a big deal, because we won't be out tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. The Amazon Market Research Method: This one is so simple - but many people overlook it! Use Amazon or another digital marketplace for their algorithms and programs. You can see what the best sellers are in all the categories and try to determine why these products are selling so well and what opportunities in your niche might be available based on the data. This is valuable info you can use to help position your products and prices. Much better than "guesstimating" (yes, I know this is not a real word) or conducting your surveys, which might be fallible and that contain variables which may go unnoticed and uncounted.
  4. Make Spam Your BFF: Get on every mailing list possible in your market using a temporary email. Let all the promos and ads come in for one month, then sort by subject line. Your results will be listed out by volume and will bring to the top the headlines and promotions that are getting mailed (and at times mailed from multiple lists). This is an indication of what sales offer is working, because the algorithm lays it out that way. Open the emails and grab the website links. Next, go to your traffic research site, plug in the URLs and determine if that site has a working sales process. If everything in that aspect looks healthy, then set to work improving the process for your prospects.
  5. The Facebook Sponsorship Analysis: Sign up to on the websites of the top vendors in your market to see which ads they are using. Once you do, you will see retargeting ads popping up of you to use a screen grab tool to keep a library of the sponsor ads being used by your market. Gather the URLs from these ads and feed them into your traffic tool to gauge the ads working in the sales process -- you know, the ones making a ton of money.
In today's crazy competitive market, you have to use unorthodox ways to analyze the profitability of your marketing efforts. Each of these techniques involves unique ways to add to your research and strategic planning. Use each of these as they give you different perspectives to ensure a fail-proof launch.