11/05/2012 02:55 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Pajamas Post-Sandy

Sandy hit us hard. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are struggling to stay safe, warm and fed and even now, large swaths of these states are still in dire need of help for the basics -- food, clothing and shelter. I keep thinking of the nighttime cold and how many children and families have been displaced, how many are hungry and frightened. So many people want to help and it's extremely heartwarming to receive email after email from supporters of Pajama Program who are ready and willing to lend a hand, people who want to send warm, new pajamas to children in despair now. Carter's is helping in a big way as our list of children in need now has grown in these States. We're doing what we can to get our boxes out to our regular Receiving Organizations and the new, temporary shelters. We've organized our efforts and now have our plan in place for those who contact us and go to our website for direction. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I believe its sentiment has arrived early.

I feel better for having our plan, but I am still so heartbroken when I see what's happening all around us and what my neighbors are going through, still. But here's another email coming across my computer from someone who wants to help! Our human nature is resilient and we know with support, emotional aid, and plenty of food and clothing, homes will be rebuilt along with our spirits. Working together is key, sharing what we have, what we know and how we've come through similar experiences all help us get through disaster times like these and rebuild. Hugs help too.

Cold nights are frightening and we are thankful so many supporters are helping us keep the children warm at night as they struggle to find their way back to their routine, their homes, and their schools. As someone once told me, "It's not just pajamas," they give a sense of normalcy, more comforting than the cloth they're made of.