07/17/2013 07:51 am ET Updated Sep 16, 2013

Owed To A Bagel -- (About 20 Lbs.)

Geoffrey Arnold, 71, is the author of Journey to Spirit, a Kindle e-book, and has been retired from the US Postal Service for thirteen years. He and his wife, Darlene, live in Bellevue, NE, with their two Korat cats, and have been enjoying the RV lifestyle for several years.

There it sits, plump and round.
Five minutes later, completely downed.

Day by day, the circle calls.
Again and again, resistance falls.

"It's just one bagel," the tempter says.
But another pound the meter weighs.

Butter and jellies treat the taste.
Oops, another inch on my waist.

Twenty years, pound by pound.
What goes down, sticks around.

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