05/07/2013 01:49 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

The Power of Collaboration and Good Works: A Park Is Born in Stamford

Putting aside any doubt that people in this country can collaborate to do good things, the Mill River Collaborative opened a new park in the center of downtown Stamford, CT last evening. Of course it's hard work. Of course it doesn't happen as often as it should. But it can still happen and does still happen.

The Collaborate, led by Arthur Selkowitz and Steve Osman, is a rare example of a public/private/corporate success. The park had been in the city's long-term plan since 1929. But no one stepped up and made it happen until these two and then-mayor and now-governor Daniel Malloy took the reins and started driving the project in 1997. Now, fifteen years later with big time help from GE, Purdue Pharma, current Stamford Mayor Mike Pavia, Congressman Jim Hines, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and a wide range of other officials, donors, and citizens, the park is a reality. (Read about the opening here.)

It's a great example of perseverance for good. Sometimes good work over an extended period of time pays off. We all need to do more of this and appreciate those that do.