01/18/2012 12:02 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Two Roads Diverge In America Today

For several months now, we have been watching presidential candidates and representatives from both major parties vie to gain the nation's attention and voter support for their interpretation of the American condition. As the respective positions and points galvanized and balkanized at the beginning of this New Year, the situation called to mind a famous Robert Frost poem and compelled us to pen the following "poem" ourselves:

Two Roads Diverge in America Today

(With acknowledgment and apologies to Robert Frost)

Two roads diverge in America today

And we cannot travel both

While some would decry the "politics of envy", others would decry the "politics of inequality"

While some would call protecting those at risk "socialist", others would call caring for those less fortunate "humanist"

While some would embrace "free market capitalism", others would embrace "the democratic society"

While some would make government "the enemy of the people", others would make government "the people's ally"

While some would emphasize "class warfare", others would emphasize "saving the middle class"

While some would see immigrants as "the root of all evil", others would see immigrants as a "wellspring of American innovation"

While some would attack regulations as "unnecessary and restrictive", others would defend them as "essential to fair enterprise"

While some would rebuke the free press as "a source of biased information" others would recognize it as the "last, best hope for truth"

While some would put their "trust in God", others would put their "trust in good"

While some would address only the "financial deficit", others would redress the "human deficit"

Two roads diverge in America today

And we cannot travel both

The choice is ours and we must try

To pick the right one to travel by

That will make all the difference.

The title of Frost's poem was "The Road Not Taken." In the last stanza of that work, he asserts, "I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Given the country's current condition and the angst and anger emanating from those controlling the political debate, we can't tell which road is "the one less traveled by." We do know, however, that the citizenry is confronted by two very different visions of and roads into the future.

More importantly, we are certain that what is going on today is truly a struggle for the brain, and the heart, and the soul of America -- the "road" that is chosen and "the road not taken" will make "all the difference" for the future of this great nation and its citizens.