12/04/2010 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Do I Celebrate Our Anniversary?

Dear Dr. George,

I have been dating the same guy for two years. He's such a wonderful man: good-looking, generous, politically, socially and environmentally-active, and really funny! Do you have any thoughts on what I can do that's fun, romantic and memorable for our two-year anniversary (March 27th)?

---Susie D.

Dear Susie,

How about this idea... send a hand-written letter that you slip under his door or in his mailbox. A sprinkling of your perfume on the paper should jump-start his senses.

Invite him to your place on March 27th for his favorite home-cooked meal. Write that "dessert will be in the dark," as you will turn off the lights for sixty minutes in recognition of Earth Hour. One of my favorite charities, The World Wildlife Fund, is hosting this multi-national event to bring attention to climate-change.

Be sure to end your letter this way:

P.S. I'm the dessert.

Susie, enjoy the darkness and the fire that ensues.


P.S. I encourage readers to offer their own thoughts on great anniversary dates . Scroll to the bottom of the page to give Susie your comments.

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