08/22/2006 12:51 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

No News is not Good News

Arianna's post on the JonBenet coverage was dead on. We seem more
concerned with one little girl who was killed in Colorado than we
are with the thousands of children who are being killed in Iraq.

Meanwhile the Bush press conference Monday morning was truly
memorable. We have not seen tap dancing like that since the Nicholas

Bush is still swaggering and more arrogant than ever, but now he is
also trying to be cute -- he even flirted with Helen Thomas -- while his
explanations of why we went to war in Iraq were pure Rodney

The brief press conference ended with everyone laughing. The press
corps must have spent the weekend on JonBenet, because they did not
pursue and he did not discuss the military actions now taking place in
Korea and Iran, both of whom become more defiant every day -- and they
actually do present the nuclear threat that we were told existed in

The other day Iran launched ten missiles that travel 150 miles, and when
Iran ships them to Hezbollah those missiles can and will hit Israel. I
would have thought that might have led his remarks, or been
included in one of the many questions that followed from our alert media.

But everyone at the press conference seemed to have a good time and no
one stepped "out of bounds" -- so they will all be called on again.

All of that press in one place and no one asked how we will know when
the "job is done," or what "completing the mission" means, or how
will we know when we can come home so he can go back on the carrier
with another "Mission Accomplished" sign.

Instead the press conference ended on a lot of laughs. When it was
over NBC billboarded their upcoming story on the diminished sex drive of
married couples.