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Obama-Sponsored Sex Education Legislation is Anti-Exploitation

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Obama-Sponsored State Sex Education Legislation Designed to Protect Kids

HuffPo reports the McCain campaign has deployed an attack ad accusing the Democratic nominee Barack Obama of not accomplishing a single education-related goal other than to promote "comprehensive sex education" to kindergartners. The Obama campaign responsed pointing to a series of education accomplishments made by Obama and calling McCain "perverse" for the latest attack via Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton:

It is shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls - a position that his friend Mitt Romney also holds. Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn't define what honor was. Now we know why.

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It is SustySHAG's view that it is up to each human society, which we see as beyond a Hobbesian "state of nature" while remaining interdependent with the natural world, to determine the age-appropriateness of sexual conduct. Put simply, we human beings use our judgment to assess the developmental abilities our of young, and subsequently write laws to provide a framework and touchstone for remembering and implementing our good judgment. Perhaps good judgment is something Mitt Romney lacks as witnessed by the his limited approach to the topic back in July 2008:

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The Christian Broadcasting Network column The Brody File took on the Obama sex education brouhaha just after this election cycle's round began in July while Obama addressed Planned Parenthood. The Brody File sums up the frame for a decent (pun intended) discussion:

The legitimate reasonable discussion here is whether the federal government and/or local school boards should get involved in providing these five year olds information about inappropriate touching or should it be left up to families only.

Obama-Sponsored State Sex Education Legislation SB 99 Speaks For Itself

Upon reading Illinois State Assembly SB0009, one sees that its very first clause leaves the matter entirely up to families while also guarding against any individual family's objection being cause for all children being denied the opportunity for sex education:
(a) No pupil shall be required to take or participate  in

9 any class or course in comprehensive sex education if the

10 pupil's his parent or guardian submits written objection

11 thereto, and refusal to take or participate in such course or

12 program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of

13 such pupil. Each class or course in comprehensive sex

14 education offered in any of grades K 6 through 12 shall

15 include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted

16 infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread

17 of HIV AIDS.
The Brody File also digs up a good Chicago Daily Herald article from October of 2004 wherein the first use of the sex education topic in a campaign, while Obama was debating Alan Keyes during their U.S. Senate race, is brought to the fore; Obama's response is crystalline:

Now, I'll give you an example, because I have a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old daughter, and one of the things my wife and I talked to our daughter about is the possibility of somebody touching them inappropriately, and what that might mean. And that was included specifically in the law, so that kindergartners are able to exercise some possible protection against abuse, because I have family members as well as friends who suffered abuse at that age. So, that's the kind of stuff that I was talking about in that piece of legislation.

Obama Sex Education Policy and the Meaning of "Comprehensive"

Perhaps parents who lack the backbone of the Obama family might even prefer to outsource such a conversation to the school their child is attending. One might also note that the term "comprehensive" used in the bill suggests one meaning of the adjective over another: "comprehending mentally; having an extensive mental range or grasp" as opposed to "of large scope; covering or involving much" Even if one were to construe "comprehensive" by the latter definition, the language stipulating "age appropriate" overrides:
21        (105 ILCS 110/3) (from Ch. 122, par. 863)

22 Sec. 3. Comprehensive Health Education Program.

23 (a) The program established under this Act shall

24 include, but not be limited to, the following major

25 educational areas as a basis for curricula in all elementary

26 and secondary schools in this State: human ecology and

27 health, human growth and development, the emotional,

28 psychological, physiological, hygienic and social

29 responsibilities of family life, including sexual abstinence

30 and prevention of unintended pregnancy until marriage,

31 prevention and control of disease, including age appropriate

32 instruction in grades K 6 through 12 on the prevention of

33 sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention,
Additionally back in July, reported a response from the Obama campaign that the sex education legislation Obama sponsored in the Illinois Senate supported "local schools informing kindergarteners that babies do not come from the stork" and "envisioned teaching kindergartners about 'inappropriate touching.' "victorian postcard flummoxed woman swats away stork parasol baby delivery villain still pursues her drawing paiting image

Obama Education Legislation's Commitment to Mental Health and Building Strong Interpersonal Relationships

Upon further examination of this education legislation, one sees that abstinence is taught as an option. Obama's address to Planned Parenthood was sensitive to the delicate nature of sexual relationships between people:

I honor and respect young people who choose to delay sexual activity. I've got two daughters and I want them to understand that sex is not something casual.

We Susty Shaggers too understand that the feelings and emotions which come along with an active sex life (not to mention any physical consequences) are not for the faint of heart! And in that roller coaster journey are to be found not just pleasures, but the living of life itself. From that standpoint, we're thrilled to see that the Illinois State legislation also covers health education and specifically advocates for teaching a deeper understanding of relationships in and of themselves:
23             (9)  Course material and instruction  shall  discuss

24 and provide for the development of positive communication

25 skills to maintain healthy relationships and avoid

26 unwanted sexual activity.

27 (10) Course material and instruction shall

28 emphasize that the pupil has the power to control

29 personal behavior. Pupils shall be encouraged to base

30 their actions on reasoning, self-discipline, sense of

31 responsibility, self-control, and ethical considerations,

32 such as respect for oneself and others.

33 (11) (8) Course material and instruction shall

34 teach pupils to not make unwanted physical and verbal

1 sexual advances and how to say no to unwanted sexual

2 advances and shall include information about verbal,

3 physical, and visual sexual harassment, including without

4 limitation nonconsensual sexual advances, nonconsensual

5 physical sexual contact, and rape by an acquaintance. The

6 course material and instruction shall contain methods of

7 preventing sexual assault by an acquaintance, including

8 exercising good judgment and avoiding behavior that

9 impairs one's judgment. The course material and

10 instruction shall emphasize personal accountability and

11 respect for others and Pupils shall be taught that it is

12 wrong to take advantage of or to exploit another person.
And at bottom (no offense meant to any Tops reading this!) the lesson is that we must not exploit others for a one-sided gain. Great relationships as well as the greatest sex originate from a place of mutuality where all parties interests are met so that the precious moments of life are lived richly and fully. This appears to be Barack Obama's consistent message, which is diametrically opposed to the dirty little secret of the parasitical greed of the Republication administration for the past eight years. But Mr. Obama doesn't need us to speak on his behalf:

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