11/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated 6 days ago

Pollster Zogby: McCain on the Ropes, Must Turn It Around in Next 24 Hours, Election Could Be a Rout (VIDEO) Zogby interview: No question John McCain is "On the Ropes."

Pollster John Zogby tells Newsmax TV that John McCain, trailing Barack Obama, can still turn the presidential race around, but he has to do it very soon. Hear Zogby's assessment of what McCain should do and not do as the campaign heads down the home stretch.

Zogby says it's too close to call but advantage Obama. The race has tightened up to a 4 point lead, but no question that John McCain is on the ropes. According to Zogby, McCain has to turn it around in the next 24 hours or chances for the Republican ticket significantly diminish. Zogby sees McCain's strength as being able to play to the middle and suggests the candidate do so. Specifically, McCain needs to:

1) come up with an economic rescue strategy
2) lay of the negative campaigning as the base will vote for him, but not necessarily the middle

Zogby sees the distinct possibility of a rout fomenting the weekend before election day especially since the McCain campaign is lacking a credible message and a focused message. On the other hand, if Obama can't close the deal, it could swing the other way.

Bottom line, Zogby does not think it will be a close election.

The interview also touches on the topics of voter fraud, convicted felons on the rolls, and potential crushing on-liners from the next presidential debates.


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