10/07/2012 10:47 am ET Updated Dec 07, 2012

Be Yourself, Barack -- Don't Read a Script

Whoever prepped you for this debate should be ashamed of themselves. They managed to extricate from you everything we need from you. Everything we always saw in you.

No, we did not care about the numbers in the debate: there is such a huge difference of approach to economic issues between you and Mitt Romney (even impersonating a moderate centrist).

Spending 60 minutes talking about taxes was a shame for both of you and for the moderator. It is high time that the American people be told that taxes are not what leads economics.

Creating jobs is not defined by how much we tax the rich. It can destroy or enhance the efforts of those who, day by day, build companies, associations, communities, schools and hospitals. Those are the people who matter. I pay 35% of taxes for a fraction of Romney's income and he pays 14%. Taxes cannot create value by themselves.

The difference between you and your challenger is a forward vision for the country: solidarity vs. egoism. You are convinced of it. A debate is not different from a campaign meeting: it needs the same vision and the same drive.

How we appropriate the benefits of the economic wealth we create is a key sharing issue. But first, we have to create value. Corporations are neither investing nor creating jobs in the United States. They hardly pay taxes and get subsidized. Without them we will only create artificial (financial) wealth.

This is not the time to defend the thesis an academic paper. We want our president back, the leader we always knew. He drove and will drive us out of wars, recessions and crisis.

We need you to be yourself. A man of conviction and heart. Not a Wall Street executive creating wealth for himself. I worked for seven years to run the NYSE international activities and we brought trillions of new listed shares to America. I saw, close and personal, how Wall Street operates. It is not pretty. Arrogance, selfishness and dissimulation dominate that culture. It is exactly what you hate.

Don't give us leniency when you feel outraged. We need you anger against our society weaknesses as much as we need you enthusiasm for the achievements and the care at times of suffering and pain.

This is the man we elected (and will reelect). Go back to your guts and your roots: you have it all in you. Don't let advisers define who you are. Just be it. And in case of doubt, talk to Michelle. Not to political operatives. She knows you best.

Welcome back Barack: it is the only way you will be reelected as our leader, our commander-in -chief and our inspiration. And we, who deeply trust your values, your ethics and your leadership, want you back to the White House for another four years. Keep Professor Obama in the closet, and give us Barack. Just be it.