12/24/2014 11:47 am ET Updated Feb 23, 2015

Hillary President? The Elephant in the Room...Bill

Sorry, Mr. President, for calling you an elephant, although it is a very intelligent animal, as you well know.

Hillary Clinton does have most of the attributes to be an exceptional President, and I want to support her wholeheartedly. I could not even consider to vote for a candidate of the Gross Obstructive Party who spent Obama's Presidency making initiatives impossible and systematically taking unscientific and unethical positions on most of our society's issues.

A need for transparency

Among the numerous questions that have been raised about Hillary Clinton's possible candidacy to be the next President of the United States of America, there is one that has been carefully avoided by commentators, opponents or partisans: the impact of her husband and our former President.

This might look as undermining my previous statement. I see it differently: unless this issue is cleared and cleaned in a transparent way, it will make Hillary Clinton unelectable as President. It will be used in a massive way by her Democratic, and subsequently if she passes the primaries, Republican opponents.

Over the past years, we have seen Bill Clinton and his Foundation build a money machine (similar to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair). The main clients were global corporate and foreign governments, including some who do not smell like roses. (the adulation of President Kaqame of Rwanda at a time where he was funding rebellion in Congo is only one example). Don't look at the website: it is a superb photographic display of all the initiatives with little (if at all) indication of specific information on this subject.

Is Bill Clinton prepared to become transparent and disclose what is foundation does, for whom and how? Is it thinkable that the next President could be elected without this transparency? Based on various pressures candidates have been subject to (remember Mitt Romney's tax returns?), there is no chance Hillary Clinton will arrive to November 2016 without further disclosure.

What will be Bill Clinton's role?

Today, wherever he goes, whichever country he visits, he is received as if he were still President. He admirably maintained relationships with world leaders and corporate donors. Being the Prince Consort does not seem to be a credible option for him. While there were doubts about some foreign policy initiatives of Secretary Clinton, how stronger will they be for President Hillary Clinton?

This is a very thorny issue. In the modern world, spouses should not be part in the debate. The United States are different. Bill Clinton needs a real job: President of the World Bank, Secretary general of the United Nations?

A full time job would force the Clinton Foundation to restrict if not terminate its activities.

Speculating about this makes no sense. It is up to Hillary and Bill to come up as political partners as well as a couple, with a solution that can lift any suspicion surrounding Bill Clinton's future role. There are solutions if they really want it.

Are they ready?

We have no indication that this issue might be part of the reasons why Hillary Clinton has not (yet?) officially announced her candidacy. However, it cannot be underestimated. Since Bill Clinton was elected, transparency requirements have changed. It is not what characterized the Clinton years.

Today, it is inescapable.

Are Bill and Hillary Clinton ready for it?