Heaven On Earth Happens In The Heart: A One-Minute Exercise To Lighten Your Load


I never understood it. The uneasy feeling, almost a sadness, definitely a confusion, that I experience sometimes just in the moments I wake up in the morning. I don't know where it comes from, but I'm not fond of it. I don't like it. I'd rather feel good and relaxed, ready to enjoy the day when the sun makes its presence through my window.

This morning, I had it again. That feeling I can't describe, which I might call depression, if there still wasn't such a stigma attached to the word. I thought for a minute and asked myself, what is this? I examined it more closely. I noticed that the feeling was located in my head. Nowhere else. So, I did an experiment. I dropped my attention down into my heart. There, I took some more steps.

I started sending out love to my family, friends and associates. First, I visualized hearts: red, pink, and white ones, emanating from my heart to my son. Then I did the same for my husband and my other son. I also visualized sending hearts to the coworker I sit next to in the office. In a very short time, I was smiling. And my head wasn't full of thoughts and feelings I didn't understand. The fog was lifted.

Could it be that we can get to heaven right here, right now, by dropping down into our hearts and sending out love? This sends our brains on a mini vacation, and drops our mindset into the heart-set. It takes a little effort to keep it there, but I've found it's worth the outcome. Peace.

I still don't understand why that heavy feeling is there when I wake up. But now I know how to limit its influence and feel better. I'll tell you this, it's times like this that remind me, it's so much more fun living from the heart than from the head. I like being lighthearted -- free from anxiety or seriousness. Now, the trick is to stay easygoing more often.

Right now, I'm sending you red, pink, and white hearts. I hope they lighten your load. This may sound silly and possibly hokey, but why don't you try it? Send out some hearts to the people in your life. It will only take a minute and it could make you feel good. And while your at it, send a few to yourself, too.

See you next week!

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