So, What If God Was One Of Us?

Remember the song that Joan Osborne sang in the 1990's? "What if God Was One of Us?" I remember thinking at the time, how could God be one of us? We're just, well .. us. I still feel that way. But since that time I have somehow, divinely, co-created a relationship with the All Knowing. I communicate with God.

I write a monthly message from Spirit. This month it's unusually long, and significant. That's why I'm bringing it up here. God is impressing upon us, reminding us, that this month of August, which means impressive, S/He wants to hear from you. Yes, you!

Here's the beginning of the longer message posted on my website at

"Tell people I want to hear from them. Most humans don't want to talk to me for a number of reasons. Anything from guilt, shame or even that they are not good enough. On the other hand, they don't want me to condemn what they are doing. Let me tell you one thing: I don't judge. I don't condemn. I am always happy, too."

God may not be one of us, in my opinion, but S/He certainly wants to be part of all of us.

If you want to read the longer message go to It's on the front page.

See you next week!