The Jewel That Is You; How To Wake Up To Prosperity With One Movement


Do you get guidance from Spirit? I do, but frankly most times I have to work at. It involves quieting my mind, which often doesn't come naturally. Once a month I share a little somethin' somethin' that I think Spirit wants us to know. I share the message in the Here is Heaven newsletter on

This month, July, I am guided to talk about The Jewel that is you. And the riches that come back when you offer your true self to others. Here's Spirit's advice on how to wake up to prosperity right now, if not this month.

July. Jewel I. Think for a moment, beloveds. You are the jewel that I shine through. You are the vessel. You are the precious stone. You are the container of Spirit. Do you get that? I dwell inside you. And I dwell inside every one you meet. The people of this earth are the containers of Me. Everyone you meet is Blessed with My loving energy. And so are you. You are all equals in that regard.

Yes, he has more money than you and she has a bigger boat. Others are not as fortunate as you. But that does not make you unequal in my eyes and through my eyes. All are the same. I am experiencing all things through you. Here's the thing. You really get to decide what you experience. Oh, sometimes you don't believe it. Some of my beloveds say woe is me, I was cursed because my father died and left me nothing and my friend's mother pays his rent. But blessed ones, every one has their own divine pocketbook so to speak. Every single one of my people have abundance beyond measure. The problem if you would call it that is that you compare yourselves to others without seeing the bounty you have and can manifest in your own world.

Here's what I would advise, since you seem to want advice: Close your eyes and think about how blessed you are with what you have and what you can create. Truly, if you could trust that you can have everything you want, you will see it unfold through the years, through the months and even through the moments.

You have everything you need to create the most joyous and even fun filled experience. Start by moving toward the things that make you happy. Smile a little more. First of all, you look better. Secondly, it helps you feel better and Thirdly, it helps others see their options, too.

I send you all my love and ask that you Trust that I am here to give all you want to you. Trust that you can be happy. Act like you are happy and that is what you will truly become. And this is true: no matter what is going on, God is always happy.

Sounds simple enough. Start with a smile. For no reason, give it away.