04/14/2015 03:20 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2015

What Are the Democrats Doing?

While I disagree with a lot the Republicans say and do, they are visible and vocal on a daily basis. The Democrats, on the other hand, are nowhere to be seen and nowhere to be heard. They lack organization and a unified, loud voice.

The 2014 midterm election showed just how poorly the Democratic Party is doing, and what it needs to do between now and November 2016. If Deborah Wasserman Schultz can't motivate and orchestra a better position, then she needs to be replaced by someone who can.

Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are two strong women -- one in the House and one in the Senate. Both are forceful and influential; but they need help from other Democrats. Every local, state, and national Democrat in office needs to speak up and speak up often. They need to proclaim what the Democrats have done for the country during the last six years, and what they plan to do the next two to four years. And with Hillary Clinton's recent announcement that she is running for president, they need to aggressively support her, or other candidates who may enter the race.

As millions get health care for the first time, and thousands of lives are saved, the Democrats don't shout their accomplishments, but instead they remain silent. Republicans however, continue to speak out against the ACA. Many voters are then swayed, not by the truth, but by the consistent talking points the Republicans use at every opportunity they have.

As Mitch McConnell plays politics and doesn't call for a vote on Loretta Lynch even though it's been five months since her November 8 nomination, the Democrats just accept this. Why doesn't Eric Holder start investigating the Koch Brothers? Or look into other potential election or Republican scandals? That may cause McConnell to finally do his job.

Even worse, some Democrats like Chuck Schumer are not supporting Obama. How did that work out in 2014? If the Democrats want to win in 2016, they need to stand up and support Obama and his policies. I don't agree with everything he says and does, but I'm not undermining him by siding with the Republicans, foreign leaders, etc. If Congressional Democrats disagree with him, they should discuss it with him rather than the media.

Democrats need to support the president and his agenda with a loud and unified voice. They need to take credit for what has been accomplished the last six years -- saving the auto industry, trying to pass immigration reform, bringing us back from a devastating recession, and creating jobs. Likewise, they need to call out the Republicans for blocking a raise to the minimum wage that would help bring so many out of poverty. Democrats need to stress they are for religious freedom, but not discrimination. They are for education for all -- from Pre-Kindergarten through community college. They need to show they are for lowering interest rates on student loans, rather than raising them. They are for food stamps for the hungry, rather than tax cuts for the wealthy. They are for women controlling their own bodies and healthcare decisions. They are for the Second Amendment, but believe there must be reasonable background checks.

Democrats are on the side of the majority of Americans, but they need to vocalize their beliefs and goals. They need to tell America, we are listening to you. And we will fight for you. But you need to do something for us...You need to vote in 2016.

The Republicans are already gaining a lot of media attention, and will continue to do so as candidate after candidate after candidate announces their entry into the race. The nearly $100 billion dollars the Koch Brothers and friends plan to spend on advertising, think tanks and other activists will flood the airwaves with Republican rhetoric and drown out the Democratic voice. The Democrat's message must be loud and clear and appear in ads, Sunday morning programs, late night shows, political formats, business meetings and neighborhood gatherings... everywhere!

Democrats must fight for their right to vote, and then utilize it. They must change the makeup of Congress and make sure the people elect another Democrat for President in 2016. They must work to guarantee a Democratic majority so gridlock can be avoided and the country can again move forward in an optimistic fashion. Don't you think our elected officials should stand up for the majority of the people, rather than just the wealthy few?