08/15/2014 01:05 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2014

Your Status on LinkedIn: How Do You Become #1, Not for Just a Day But All the Time

There are many opinions from experts who have written books on how to be #1 on LinkedIn because, when you are on LinkedIn, you can get in touch with who's who of all major industries. You can connect directly to the offices of Prime Ministers and Presidents, including President Obama himself.

Unlike some LinkedIn users, I don't study books and follow every news release, hoping to hit the jackpot and become an influencer. I am here on LinkedIn at my own pleasure and not as part of my need for networking.

I am a full-time author working on multiple projects. Mr. Rabbi, my next book, is to be published in winter of 2014. I am also working on a humanitarian case to bring eight severely burned children from Iran to the United States for reconstructive surgery at the Shriners Hospital in Houston TX. I am also studying intelligence full-time at AMU (The American Military University).

My background education in the field of psychology enables me to be selective about what I want to say or do on LinkedIn as does my current education reading de-classified information. My passion for humanity, as a writer, poet and photographer is not to brag or boast but to genuinely reach out a hand. If I can help, I do. When you know how to read intelligence reports and write papers on them, reading regular people's posts becomes much easier than most people think.

After being on a book tour for my first nonfiction book, Living in Hell, for a period of time that seemed forever, the soft copy re-edited and published in 2012 is on the top best female writers' list as well as on the top rated book list for Middle East. All of these life choices and experiments I have made on the way have made my readers more interested in what I say on my purposeful posts or simply sarcastic humorous ones.

If I can give you a secret list of ingredients for having more than 10,000 people following me on this site, it is as follows:

1- I am an authentic writer and thinker. I pick an interesting topic, write a sentence which speaks to my heart and soul and then place that sentence in Google search for any possible images that might interest me or advocate my message louder and make it visually clear.

2- I use humor, sarcasm, blunt and yet completely to the point vocabulary without using any foul or disrespectful or degrading language toward any race or religion to deliver the point.

3- I use my own life work, future work, and anything I have produced or am interested in producing. That means being original.

4- LinkedIn for me is a social networking with a foot in the real life work and money. I try to direct all my messages to what matters to my readers to help them get better results in life and profession alike.

5- I use history as my guide with no fear of expressing love or hate toward historical figures and I know when to hit, period, rather than continue rambling.

6- I keep my posts short and sweet or long and interesting.

7- I press like on my own post to let my readers I uploaded something new and as soon as people start hitting like, I remove my like on my own message immediately.

I like to keep my profile picture up-to-date and Photoshop free. I am always surprised when I see a large number of people posting their cats, dogs, pet bird, cars, or anything other than an updated professionally taken photographer of themselves on their bio page on LinkedIn.

The last note I like to add here is: If you are not interesting, people will sense it very quickly regardless of who you are and how much money you have or how many companies you own. But if you are interesting and most of all authentic and carrying, trying to reach a hand with an open heart and mind without making anyone feel less because of your diverse accomplishments, then people will follow you, you don't need to buy followers as many do to showcase their networking power...