11/06/2012 01:56 pm ET Updated Jan 06, 2013

Gratitude Without Attitude

Thankfulness, gratefulness or appreciation a feeling or positive response to oneself or something else.

Manner, disposition, a stance a position or the way one carries oneself or responds to something.

How do we show thanks? Do we show it with our attitude? Is it only revealed in hard times? Do we realize how fragile this life truly is? Are we forgiving each other and ourselves in our daily relationships?

With regard to a person or thing, especially in the mind, if one has negative attitude, graciousness is lost in the static of that vibration. With a positive attitude, we can feel the enlightenment warm our inner selves and be humbled by the response. We connect with each other and share the fruit of our lives. We can feel the truth within and ride on that awareness, finding ourselves, seeing our true selves realized.

When we attract a self-sabotaging negative energy, we sink into destructive patterns, revealing the unrealities we make up in our minds. We imagine that no one else has ever been in this kind of pain, suffering, or situation. We think during this time that we are alone and usually want to be left alone. When we stay too long in this negative selfishness, we lose the opportunity to grow. We forget to be thankful for the lessons we learn in the dawn of our own discovery. We place value on things that have no relevance or meaning. We turn our backs on our instinctive nature to heal and seek pain in memories of things we should have forgiven and released ages ago. This veil of self is where the wrong attitude lies. This attitude or position, this manner in which one carries oneself, becomes a lie. If it is grounded in ego, anger, and pain, it is a path to self-destruction. Gratitude, in the midst of this disengenuine spirit, reveals a blow to the soul of oneself. At any moment, the inconsistencies in one's personality will expose the dark truth of this negativity. We see ourselves repeating the same behavior and getting the same results. We lose momentum and run the same dialogue of destruction as our eternal song. We lose hope. Look at how many of us chose to understand the patterns in chaos. When we stay there long enough, we will start to try to make sense of it.

Then something tragic may happen that helps to shift that block in consciousness. We look around at the beauty of all the relationships and things we may take for granted. We fill the time spent with growing and listening to our own instinct toward the pathway to grace; grace inside releases unkind attitudes that harbor inconsistencies in the personality. Through grace, the pure beauty of life and life's experiences humbles us. We remain calm in the chaos and change the patterns of our thoughts. We can see the lesson and beauty in all things. Hard lessons become an opportunity to grow and expand, freeing ourselves from the loss of the present moment. Show gratitude when you wake in the morning. Show gratitude to the people in your life that helped you make it through hard times. Show gratitude when you use something you learned. Show gratitude where you live. This attitude of gratitude can help us help each other, but more importantly, it will help you help yourself.

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