02/15/2011 01:09 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

"Make" Happy In Todays World

In todays hurried world, its tough to find time for ourselves. With people doing so many things all at once, we tend to inundate our lives with to-do lists, schedules, goals and tasks. Its enough to make a lab-rats head explode.

So where and how does one find a way to "make" happiness? To most folks, happiness is something that you experience as a reaction to something; a chocolate chip cookie, a sleeping baby, a big promotion at work, an hour in a quiet room. The realization that happiness "comes" from something is part of a larger belief structure, that says that we should be able to "expect" to be happy based on certain outside forces and events. But when those forces or events are nowhere to be found, then what? Do we have to just "suck it up", and wait for the next happy bus to arrive?

Its time to make happiness.

Each of us has internal "storage areas" of happiness that we can learn to reach into when we need a boost of positiveness in life. It is in those special places that we can leverage anything from happy memories, to funny images, to a couple of good jokes, to wake ourselves up from whatever funk we happen to find ourselves in. In many ways, a little jolt of happiness can be the saving grace that keeps life moving smoothly, even in the midst of turmoil and grief. Some consider this our "happy place". I like to consider it more of a "repository of happiness". All it requires is that we allow ourselves to reach into it once in awhile, and not feel weird about it.

I have seen random ocassions where a people were caught laughing by themselves, or carrying a big impromptu smile for seemingly no reason. It made me wonder what they were so happy about, and begged the inevitable phrase "gimme a double dose of whatever he took".

A good friend of mine reminded me that we need to be able to make ourselves happy, and that we can't always count on others to bring happiness to us. Words well said and taken to heart.

Don't sit there waiting for the happy bus to come and save you from despair. Reach into your own internal happiness, and use some of it while sharing it with others today.

Because it just takes a laugh or a smile, or even a pisitive thought, to "make" happy for yourself.