09/09/2014 11:49 am ET Updated Nov 09, 2014

Why Are Many of Today's Issues American Institutions?

As the heat turns up on the NFL, with more and more NFL felons are coming to light, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell finds himself covering his ass like the pope covering for pedophile priests. The difference here is that the pope is covering for felons he feels are doing religious work, and that Goodell is covering for felons who are making millions of dollars -- football fan dollars -- for his multi-billion dollar league. What irks me lately is that when I talk to football fans about the issue, they are as much in denial as Janay Rice is about getting beat unconscious in a public elevator (in my mind another example of beaten woman syndrome, but that's for another day). Football fans will shake their heads in shame about domestic violence, while at the same time standing in line to buy $150 football game tickets.

Now who should be ashamed here?

Just like racism was re-awakened by the Michael Brown incident, domestic violence is in the spotlight, with lots of help from NFL players; players who make millions of dollars per year in salaries. And where does one think all of that money comes from? From NFL fans who consider themselves good, nice people despite the fact that they turn a blind eye to all of the felony players who commit everything from felony murder and felony assault weapons charges, to felony domestic violence. The hypocrite that is today's NFL fan will stand there and tell you how much they hate violence and crime, and one minute later turn around and cheer for their favorite NFL team.

Does nobody care about putting their money where their mouth is anymore?

Sure, pro football is an institution in America. But so is racism. And so is gender discrimination. So please, tell me once again why any of these are okay? NFL fans sound like factory workers who dump toxic chemicals into the local river, exclaiming "it's okay -- we've been doing this for years."

There are many great institutions in America, like Independence Day, Martin Luther King, apple pie and picnics. But for us to make institutions out of criminal behavior is absolutely stupid, and it makes people in other countries look at Americans with confusion and bewilderment. For us to accept things that are wrong "just because everyone agrees that it's okay" does NOT make it okay, people. We are human beings, not a herd of buffalo stampeding wherever we think the rest of the herd is running. We have brains, and we can make decisions because we have choices.

For football fans who blindly proclaim "no, I don't condone violence, but not every player is a bad person", they are missing the point, on purpose. They know where their money is going, they know that they are paying $150+ a ticket to watch the game, $5000+ a seat for a license to sit in that seat, and thousands of dollars each year on NFL merchandise -- yeah, they know what they're doing alright.

We have a disease in America, where we institutionalize anything that a large group considers acceptable. People need to wake up and think for themselves, and stop being followers. Our ideals as a society are slowly shriveling up, as we continue to be okay with domestic violence, racism, sexism, and everything else all the way down to picking up and keeping a lost smartphone (come on now, you know you shouldn't keep it... it's not yours). We have allowed so many of our morals to be replaced by rhetoric, rationalization and convenience that we just don't seem to care anymore.

Say it ain't so.

Don't let your life become so routine, that you just accept things as they are because others around you do (or seem to). Chances are, those same folks around you are looking back at you, thinking to themselves if YOU are okay with it. Have the open dialogue with others, and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself how many of your institutions are flat out wrong, and whether or not you find yourself accepting them anyways.

They say that "Money is the root of all evil". A look at today's bad institutions will show you why this is true...