09/12/2014 11:49 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2014

Why The NFL Will Never Run Out of Fans

This whole Ray Rice thing makes me sick to my stomach. Not just for what he did, but how fans and the NFL treated the story. Both NFL officials and NFL fans are showing how stupid they are.

So it came out today that Rice actually admitted to Goodell back in June that he beat his then-fiancée unconscious. This comes after Goodell said in an interview that he didn't know anything. And then this morning, I see a photo in USA Today showing female fans wearing Ray Rice's jersey. Are you freaking kidding me?

Turns out that both fans and officials of the league are addicted to, and feel entitled to, something. For officials, it's money. They want their billions in NFL franchise profits, and that only happens when you have players that fans want to see. That leads to fans, whose addiction to football means that even women want to wear such a football player's jersey.

Ray Rice's football jersey gives all new meaning to the term "wife beater." In fact, that's what we should be calling Ray Rice's jersey. His jersey, and countless other NFL jerseys, represent men who are overpaid cowards who beat women because it makes them feel bigger.

With all the stats that you see at a football game, here's one for you to think about: In America, a domestic violence act occurs 21 times every minute.

That's 21 people who are beaten or killed every minute in this country due to domestic violence. Don't even think about comparing this figure to your almighty field goal or first down statistics.

Americans have this weird fixation with entitlement. Apparently, we are going to get our football games come hell or high water, dammit, and we have to get our NFL profits whether or not someone gets beaten silly. Look around yourself today, and think about all the things that we as Americans HAVE TO have, no matter the consequences. Then look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why YOU are accepting things that you know are wrong. And don't cop out by claiming it's someone else's problem.

The NFL will never run out of fans, because there are too many hypocritical people who denounce crime, and then turn around and fund the criminals. There are too many people who swear by football, but don't give a shit about the criminals who play the game, or their victims who suffer.

It's no wonder that the NFL goes to such lengths to protect its business.