04/14/2015 10:59 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2015

Proms and Wedding Season Right Around Corner, Get Those Stylist Appointments Now!

Wedding season is fast approaching and prom season precedes that wave closely.
What seems to be trending is, really, a lot of what we've been seeing but, like anything about these epic events (dresses, flowers, parties), we can expect a more of a finished look.

After all, these are probably the most important 'red carpets' out there for the vast majority of people. Several reliable publications point to June and September as the most popular months for weddings, linked in part to the temperate weather in most parts of the country ... not too hot, not too cold. Proms come at the end of the school year.

• Get an appointment with your stylist! These precious opportunities will go fast.
• If you don't have a stylist, find one, ask for referrals, particularly from a stylist who already is booked, if you call and that's the case.
• Make a prom or wedding 'pre-party' out of it, or several parties! Coordinate with classmates or your bridesmaids, find a quality salon that can handle several appointments at once, then get your hair done together or in pairs. Just know that you can't wait to make these arrangements. Got to do it now.
• Start searching for hair styles. This is so much fun and almost happens effortlessly. Just start Googling galleries, flipping through magazines. Build a 'portfolio,' share with friends and take it with you to your stylist.
• Will you be coloring? Use a clarifying shampoo a few days in advance of your appointment. Deposits on your hair, even from the hair products we use and love, can impede the absorption of color. More than ever, you don't want any surprises at one of these appointments!
What do I expect in trends? We've been on a decisive path of natural uniform colors. Highlights are subtle and color transitions are pretty soft. There always are exceptions but this has been the trend.
In styles, I expect to see some strong trends continue:
• Center parts and deep side parts with soft wavy ends
• Updos, some of them in period styles, others in contemporary twists and buns, sometimes mingled with braids or braids as a central feature, some asymmetry ... several styles or techniques in one. These are perfect for formals but, depending on the finish, can also add a casual flare.
• We'll see loose curls and pin curls, using pin curls to make short hair appear longer.
• In hair accessories, I'm expecting beautiful rhinestone barrettes and clips. These are lots of fun, elegant but still edgy.

Love it! As always, be open to change!