10/15/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Detach From Drama

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." -- Marcel Proust

Do not delay your life's purpose by focusing upon dramas or participating in the creation of diversions that keep you from what you know deserves your attention. Detach from drama. Once you become aware of the veil before your eyes you can begin to see past the webs of illusion we create out of our insecurities and disconnection from what is true. You will begin to react to others and your world with new senses because there will have occurred within your spirit a revolution that will no longer accept the average or norm. You will expect the exceptional.

The ancient mythical Greek Goddess Athena encouraged (wo)men to stop giving their power away to others. We do this each time we are drawn into the manipulations and ploys of those who seek external stimulation to appease the unsatisfied creature living within them, whatever it may be. These dramas are given birth when we seek to attain the needs of our soul in ways that are not healthy or productive. This creates the cycles of emotional roller coasters taking us up and down in the extremes of emotion. This is not only unhealthy from a psychological perspective but exhausting and taxing to the spirit and body. Many are addicted to this roller coaster and have falsely associated its adrenaline rush with love.

Relationships and life are not always as we would ultimately hope, but you will vastly improve your life experience by connecting with your intuition. This will assist with resolving obsessive self-doubt and second guessing yourself. Seeking counsel from colleagues, spiritual or counseling professionals and those few trusted and proven strongholds in our lives is healthy and wise, but too many consistently waver in their stances and opinions, seeking answers from outside sources instead of inner guidance. To form an authentic opinion one must have the foundation of inner awareness and strength in character that is largely born of the practice of tuning into the frequencies of your Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Universal Mind or whatever name you choose to give this internal guidance that is available to us all.

Learning to be your own "guru" is a process that begins with the willingness to take the leap of faith to practice following your intuitions -- not reacting to your every emotion, but the still steady voice of knowing that urges you there is something missing in your decision-making process: connection of spirit.

Detect and detach from the dramas of your life without delay and open your eyes to the world that lies beneath the surface of avoiding the true source of your needs. Stop procrastinating. You have been afraid of your own power for too long. When you accept this power it comes with the responsibility and the ability to create from within the realm of love. Love is not what most believe it to be. In actuality, few will ever dare to acquire the bravery necessary to experience the authenticity of loving purely and operating out of the space of sacredness. Strive not to be one of those that fear but instead one who practices the mastery of love. Love is not attachment, clinging, manipulation, entrapment, desperation, ownership or any of the misguided convoluted definitions we have attributed to being this evil entity that seeks to break or deceive. When we love deeply we will at times know pain deeply, but knowing pain does not equal having known love.

Honor your relationships, honor your world, honor yourself and commit to living and behaving in the integrity that you and those you cherish deserve. Remember, you cannot change others; you create only resistance, increased frustration and misery by attempting to. Instead, take up the passion of loving yourself by residing in the realm of the being you wish to be, your Highest Self, and in that you will effortlessly begin to "Be the change you wish to see..." (Ghandi) and ironically, this is when you will begin to attract the loving energies you have been yearning for all along.

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