03/22/2013 05:00 pm ET Updated May 22, 2013

Sister Warriors Create A Miracle

Please read this message and then re-read it and re-re-read it. Allow what happened at this Maryland grocery store yesterday to sink down deep into your bones and remind you that always and forever - the Truth Is Love.


Dear G:

Today is Nicholas' birthday. I went grocery shopping deliberately in a low income part of town, and bought the person's groceries behind me as a birthday present to me and my big boy (inspired by Monkee See - Monkee Do). I left before the woman behind me in line knew I had paid for her things. A few minutes later I saw her climb into the driver's seat of her car, put her head in her hands, and weep.

I was so nervous trying to explain to the cashier what I wanted to do that I left my phone in the store. When I went back to get it, that same cashier told me that the woman behind me had been buying all of that food for a domestic violence shelter.

Our Sisters Warriors. Amazing and Full of Grace

Love, Meghan


I've read this story twenty times now. I've got the movie in my head.

I can SEE that woman finding out her groceries were paid in full. I can see her eyes and heart try to understand.

I wonder...why was she working at a domestic violence shelter? Had her life been touched by violence? Was she healing herself by healing others? Was she trying to prove to herself that despite every shred of evidence to the contrary - Love Wins? And was she paying for all of those groceries herself? Could she afford them, or did she take a leap of faith? Did Meghan catch her before she hit the ground?

And yesterday, is it possible that God lead Meghan to THAT grocery store in THAT moment because God wanted this warrior to know:

I am watching. I love you. Trust me and trust your sisters. SERVE your sisters. Expect miracles.

Whatever God's message was- it seems to have been received. Weeping in her car. Healing, I think. Experiencing a real life miracle - as a direct result of serving her sisters.

ALL OF US - Warriors.

Meghan - for not just feeling but DOING compassion. For being brave and different and bold with her love.

The sister behind her. Creating and receiving a miracle.

The warriors in the shelter, working towards the life they deserve.

The cashier who witnessed the whole miracle.

Our Sister Warriors. Amazing and Full of Grace.

All of them. All of you.

Happy Friday, Love Warriors.

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