06/11/2013 03:26 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Cancellation of the Summer Redneck Games

We here at Global Yodel were beyond devastated to learn the annual Summer Redneck Games -- tagline: "more fun than indoor plumbing" -- were cancelled for 2013.

The games started in 1996 when Atlanta, GA was chosen to host the Summer Olympics. The city of East Dublin, GA decided to put on their own version of the ancient Greek games, complete with competitions like watermelon seed spitting, armpit serenading and mud pit belly flops.

They reckoned a few hundred people would show up. They got a few thousand instead. But lackluster attendance last year prompted officials to postpone the toilet seat horseshoe toss and ceremonial lighting of the grill for 2013.

Determined to get our fix of the south, we turned to our Yodelers below the Mason Dixon Line. There's obviously more to their region than bobbing for pigs' feet or playing "Dixie" on your armpit. We wanted to see the real south.

Click through the following slideshow to discover a Mississippi park where German soldiers were imprisoned during World War 2. Learn where to get the best Korean food in Tennessee, and which Appalachian mill town is now a hotspot for artists.

--Helen Anne Travis

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Below the Mason Dixie Line