06/01/2015 06:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Card Starts Viral Movement of Kindness

The act of doing a good deed for someone else makes oneself feel as good as (if not better than) the recipient.


We aren't talking about paying someone's student loans off or remodeling someone's house. While those would be very nice things to do, what we are talking about here are small random acts of kindness that we can all do in our day to day without much effort. It can be as simple as smiling and saying hello to a stranger we walk past, giving someone a compliment, buying a hot chocolate for someone on a cold day or giving flowers to a stranger who is working hard. These small acts of good take minimal time and effort have the potential to start a viral and global movement of reciprocal kindness. Or in laymen's terms: Make this world a better place.


Kindness & Co's latest project, the Random Act of Kindness Ransom Card, sets out to start a viral movement of reciprocal kindness.

The concept is simple. This beautifully designed card can be sent to someone you know (with or without a gift note) or to you to give to someone. The card contains a crisp $20 bill and some fun and innovative ideas on how to use that $20 to make this world a better place and help humanity, ultimately helping yourself.

Forget boring old coffee or music gift cards, this is a perfectly unique gift for an acquaintance or someone close.


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