05/17/2013 10:06 am ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Global Yodel Follows an Adult

Adults thought they had the upper hand when they started spying openly on the teens around them and recording their adolescent antics using the #followateen hashtag.

Suddenly teens found themselves the targets of a weird mix of mockery and affection, with tweets like "my teen quotes songs all the time. I usually have no idea what she is talking about," and "my teen is super pissed because she had plans tonight but her mom just grounded her for not cleaning the cat's litterbox."

Tired of being the butt of the joke, a group of teens turned the tables and created #followanadult. These posts turned out to be even funnier, with teens pointing out that grownup wins and losses can be just as trivial.

For example: "my adult was very excited to go to the first farmers market of spring," and "my adult questions his purpose and his place in the gigantic universe...Lol."

We here at Global Yodel were intrigued. Could you #followanadult and, instead of mocking a generation, learn about a destination? Only one way to find out.

We encouraged our contributors to find an adult who told a story about their city, country or community. They sent in photos that inspired us, educated us and made us chuckle.

Click through to follow adults who nap in Singapore and refuse to smile in Latvia. Learn why it's okay to smoke in South Korea and meet an adult who one contributor says embodies what it means to be from Wisconsin.

- Helen Anne Travis

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