03/31/2015 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Our Top Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Every traveler has heard of it and everyone fears it: the dreaded jet lag. But for those of us who are constantly on the go, we rely on these top tips for avoiding jet lag and arriving at your destination feeling as fresh as possible.


Get plenty of rest the night before
We know -- easier said than done! But try to get ahead of your packing so you're not up all night wondering whether you remembered your converter or if you have enough pairs of pants for the week. Getting a good night's sleep will help you feel more rested upon arrival, even if you don't sleep well on the plane.

Stay hydrated (and avoid alcohol)
The plane's cabin and traveling at high altitudes automatically cause dehydration, and while a cocktail might help to ease your in-flight nerves, it won't do anything to help with the impending jet lag. Skip the alcohol and drink plenty of water, which will ensure you're feeling fresh when you arrive at your destination. The added benefit of chugging H2O? Getting up to use the restroom allows you to stretch your legs and keeps you from getting stiff.

Sleep on the plane
Again, easier said then done, but slightly simpler on an overnight flight. Bring a travel pillow and/or an eye mask, and choose an aisle or window seat for slightly more room. If you often have trouble sleeping on planes, try taking a melatonin pill to ease into slumber -- it's even rumored to help reset your internal body clock.

Do NOT take a nap when you arrive
After switching time zones or spending all night on a plane (or both), immediately checking in and curling up in your fluffy hotel bed is extremely tempting. But resist the urge to take a "short" nap; more often than not it will end up longer than you anticipated and will throw off your sleep schedule for at least one more night. Instead, take the opportunity to explore your new city and indulge in a local cup of coffee to keep you awake and alert until it's time for bed.

Bring a good attitude
When all else fails and you can't help but feel sluggish and tired, remember to open your eyes and look at the new sights around you. Take a moment to drink in your surroundings and remember that you're on an adventure -- a positive outlook can work wonders! And if that still doesn't work, there's nothing like a handful of trail mix (or your favorite travel snack) to give you a boost of energy.

What are your tips for battling jet lag? Share them with us in the comments!