Best Gay Pride Events Around The World

06/12/2013 07:34 am ET Updated Dec 01, 2016

As the warm weather heats up, the Gay Pride events are starting to go off like fireworks.

Held everywhere from the Canary Islands to Antwerp, Gay Pride events are as diverse as the participants who are celebrating.

And how does one cut through all those processions of feathered boas and rainbow flags? Easy, we'll do it for you. user Ryan Haynes has tapped into the user generated reviews and advice to come up with the Best Gay Pride Events around the world.

The full guide to Gay Pride festivals, which also features various bars, hotels and destinations associated with the festivals, breaks down some of the best offerings in the Pride circuit of events all over the world, including three in Spain and three in the U.S.

Check out this sampling of the Best Gay Pride Events, according to

Best Gay Pride Events Around The World