03/12/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 01, 2016

Blooming Spring: European Hotlist 2014

By: Anisha Shah

Stuck in snowstorms and sub-zeros? Spring from the pits of winter hibernation to sun-kissed blossoms in Europe. Spring is exquisite in the continent steeped in history, cultivated in culture and bursting with beauty. Bright begonias flank elegant boulevards and molten colors flood cobblestoned alleyways. Majestic landscapes evolve into sublime scenic coastlines, sleepy villages and crowning peaks. Gravitate towards pulsating cities like Dubrovnik for scintillating shopping and sunbathing. Or discover medieval towns in Italy and Latvia, hosting lazy hazy lunches, pastel palettes and oodles of quaint culture. Be it an exclusive enclave to hide away, a fashionable metropolis for refinery or the newest spot to emerge from a troubled past, here is my European hotlist for Spring 2014.

Blooming Spring: European Hotlist 2014