11/12/2012 10:54 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Maryland Defends Marriage Equality

I wanted to share this conversation I had with David Mixner following Maryland's historic defense of marriage equality at the ballot box.

EXCLUSIVE: Governor Martin O'Malley Speaks About Marriage Equality Victory In Maryland

A tired but jubilant Governor Martin O'Malley was basking in victory as he shared this thoughts about the epic struggle that took place in Maryland for marriage equality.

The Governor who guided the legislation through the legislature and then spearheaded the effort for "Yes On Question Six" was in a reflective mood as he share his thoughts about the victory. He talked about the Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue who reminded people that every soul has a yearning to belong and to be recognized.

When asked what advice he would have for a young person struggling with their sexuality, he responded that as a father himself he would simply say "that God doesn't make mistakes and has made each of us in his own image. God is simply love. There should be no fear in love"

The Governor was especially proud of how African-Americans and LGBT Americans came closer together in this battle, He was impressed with the role that the NAACP and major church leaders played in making this a reality. The Governor said, "We found a way to have a bigger conservation around the issue of race and marriage equality. We rose above fear and suspicion and embraced the higher goals of human dignity and freedom. Witnessing that process was inspirational and extremely moving"

When asked about his feelings on election night he shared, " I get choked up just thinking about that evening. I looked out over and saw my friends with their children, households headed by LGBT parents and all these people who had come together for a greater good. It was so real to me and so moving. This evening was not abstract it was about real people with real lives"

Governor O'Malley believes the four victories on election day has sent a powerful message to the entire country 'that as a people we are growing in our ability to be inclusive and that we have begun to win the hearts and minds of Americans . The time has come to put this issue to rest."

When he was asked about running for President you could hear a chuckle and he answered, " I am simply running to get some sleep and more time with my family after this campaign."

The entire LGBT community and our allies owes the Governor a huge 'thank you Governor."