07/28/2011 01:23 pm ET Updated Sep 27, 2011

Travis Pastrana's Craziest Weekend

Extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana rightfully calls this coming weekend the craziest of his life. He'll be making his NASCAR debut in Indianapolis on Saturday, yet he's competing in X Games' events in Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday and Sunday.

I recently sat down with Pastrana for an episode of In Depth. During the interview, Pastrana recalls his most death-defying stunts, the role that mental preparation plays and how he assesses risk. He opens up about his most difficult personal challenge - a poor decision that left his friend with lifelong injuries and discusses how his recent entry into NASCAR may affect his action sports career. Concluding the show, I joined Pastrana on his motorcycle to do a high-risk tandem motorcycle backflip.


Watch our tandem motorcycle backflip:

Travis Pastrana on his mom's accident and the crash he caused, permanently injuring his friend. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana tells stories about his most legendary stunts. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana tells about all of his major injuries. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana's has awful night terrors. He says he's fallen down stairs, busted his tooth and even went nuts on a plane. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana tells why he may have to quit action sports to focus solely on NASCAR. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana says preparing for a dangerous stunt is the best and scariest moment you'll ever have. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana says he and his friends intentionally get stuck in elevators. Watch clip:

Travis Pastrana says this weekend will be the craziest of his life with having to balance the X Games and NASCAR all in one week. Watch clip:

The full Travis Pastrana episode (the clips contain bonus content unable to make the full episode due to time constraints):

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