03/11/2009 08:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ides of March? Time to Go Out With Your Own Eco-Hoe

Between the bad news emerging from the Copenhagen climate meetings this week and the bad karma emanating from the NYC climate deniers conference, it is a little hard to be upbeat.

Half a meter or more of sea rise by the next century; a sea that is acidifying so quickly it's putting huge pressure on marine species; and a 50/50 chance to keep temps under the 2 degrees Celsius threshold.

"There is not a lot, if any, good news that will be presented in the coming days," said Katherine Richardson, the University of Copenhagen oceanographer.

If you wish, instead, to listen to the deniers, they've got plenty to say, though much of it is gleeful bashing of Al Gore, and nitpicking any individual examples of faulty science.

Cato Institute fellow Patrick Michaels and Arizona State University geography professor Robert Balling have written Climate of Extremes: Global Warming Science They Don't Want You to Know to try to show that while climate change may even be man-made and occurring, it shouldn't be either a) extreme or b) lead us to hysteria.

Climate change skeptics frequently employ this phrase "hysteria" - it is meant to describe the state that the aforementioned Al Gore supposedly whipped many of us into with An Inconvenient Truth.

The idea that in Copenhagen scientists are thinking that things are mostly worse than they've previously opined, while in NY skeptics conclude that those of us worried are simply delusional hysterics is not funny, it's depressing.

But anytime humankind's folly is disheartening, the e-mail inbox is just as likely to serve up a hysterical(ly) funny antidote, and today was no different.

So today I present to you the Eco-Hoe! Yes, folks, an implement sure to pep up your optimism and turn around your end-of-winter blues.

Hand crafted by Truly Tuff Tools, the Eco-Hoe has a recycled bamboo and hardwood handle and a "strength welded" double-edged steel head. At $34.99 it's guaranteed for life.

And, you don't even need to buy the Eco-Hoe to feel better. Just thinking about the hoe will make you want to go outside, whether it's 32 degrees or 64 where you live, and look for spring. Sniff the air, put on the mud boots, check for the green shoots of snowdrops or early daffodils. Plan your garden, or if the weather today is just too inclement, simply gaze out the window and dream about spring.

For whether climate change is severe, moderate, or mild, being outdoors in it is the ultimate balm to passing depression.

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