10/28/2014 02:40 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

Attitude With Latitude

"Latitude: The freedom of action and thought."
-Oxford Dictionary

I wanna see, know, grow, meet, greet, serve and learn! I am a grandmother who lives outside the box. I am filled with energy and momentum. I know too many women who are content to "just be." I don't envy them. You want to have an attitude -- that will give you latitude.

As the mother to two daughters and the grandmother to 20 grandchildren, I stress the importance of attitude.

I know many of my readers are students, young career women, mothers, grandmothers or great aunts. If you are experiencing restlessness, a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged, here is my advice:

1. Determine your goal. This will give you latitude. Think backwards. This is called subconscious planning. I want you to think backwards with your end goal in mind. Here is an example: Think backwards and see yourself as a successful interior decorator owning your own company. OK, goal identified, now what?

2. Figure out the path. In this case, the next step might be to choose the best design school. You could do an internship while you are in school and after you graduate work for a design company for a few years to gain clout and experience.

3. Execute your goal. Nothing significant ever happened to anyone who just sat around wishing for something. You have to go DO it. So now you've educated yourself and you've gained experience, now is the time to make the move to own your own company. At some point you have to just go for it, so in the words of Nike, "just do it!"

Thinking backwards provides you with your long-term goal and the motivation and discipline to achieve that goal. It also lends itself to garner excitement to be a woman -- a woman with attitude who thinks latitude!

Here is another example: Your children are grown and you have extra time on your hands. You are feeling a lack of momentum in your life and maybe you're in a rut. Learn something new or return to something you enjoyed in the past! You're never too old to learn and there's so much that we still don't know!

I started writing and created this site. That was the result of my newly-learned skill. But you have so many options. You can go back to school, volunteer your time helping others, travel to places near and far, take up a hobby and the list goes on and on.

At every age a positive attitude will give you latitude... the freedom to act and think. What are you waiting for, get going!