07/02/2014 11:53 am ET Updated Sep 01, 2014

Why Women Have a Romance With Shoes

I am finally wearing shoes. Tennis shoes, that is! My ankle and foot are, unfortunately, swollen and sore from ankle surgery. I am now able to wear a tie shoe because I can loosen the laces. I am so frustrated and not a happy camper. I want to feel like Cinderella. I want to wear my beautiful collection of high heels. Part of my feminine statement and part of my womanly look revolves around what is on my feet! My high heels give me my presence, my feminine power; they reveal my personality and most importantly, my femininity. I am a very feminine grandmother, wife and mom. Tennis shoes are not this Grandma Blogger's style. Period!

I am far from the only woman who loves her shoes. On average, a woman owns at lease twenty pairs. There is a style for everyone: flats, heels, boots, sandals, platforms, wedges, lace-ups, strappy, multiple colors, and textures. Last but not least... tennis shoes! From the young girl to the older woman, all of us lust for our shoes.

A few days ago I decided to venture out, with cane in hand, to Neiman Marcus. I had not shopped in months because I was casted. At least I had worn a pink cast that gave me a sense of style. I felt feminine. Now I was in the doldrums. I could not buy shoes to "give me a lift." But it didn't seem to matter. Where did I saunter?

You guessed it! Right up the elevator to the shoe department to "gaze" at the beautiful shoes I knew I could not purchase! I just had to see the summer styles and say hello to all the employees who know me by name or by recognition. It needed my "shoe fix!

Up walked a young sales woman. I asked her if Susie or Gary was around. "It is Gary's day off and Susie retired," she answered. "Can I help you?" My eyes darted around the crowded room of beautiful designer shoes as I explained my situation to her with a sigh, "I can only wear tennis shoes! And, I have two big events this week-end."
"Don't worry, I have just the shoe for you! It is a Channel tennis shoes and so chic. I am saving my money to buy it for myself. It is the end all of tennis shoes."

My little heart started to pitter-patter. To compound my new-found excitement, I felt a warmth towards this young woman-a connection of sorts. I wanted to please her. "I would love to see them," I replied.

Out came Victoria (we were already on a first name basis!) with a pair of Channel tennis shoes. I liked them; they were very chic and feminine as tennis shoes go. They fit perfectly and I knew I would wear them to a fancy large birthday dinner party Friday evening and to the Chicago Film Festival at the Four Seasons on Saturday evening!

With new shoes in hand and a darling new salesperson in my life, I left the shoe department feeling joyful. Walking home with cane in one hand and my new shoes in the other my thoughts turned to "all women and their love of shoes." What is the shoe mystique? I think women feel that our physical stature becomes taller, thinner and shapelier. This gives us an inner feeling of confidence, power, and sexiness. We want to feel like a modern day Cinderella.

Oh! I pray for the day when I can put on my high heels and boots once again. I told my girlfriends that I am going to have a high heel luncheon! Maybe the invitation will read: Come as Cinderella. Wear your favorite pair of shoes!